Besides our CSA vegetable shares, pasture chicken, and grass-fed lamb, we sell a smattering of other products. These items are sold separately from the CSA share itself, though most everything is sold to the CSA members, who have first choice. We usually send emails out throughout the season to arrange orders, but if you already know you’re interested in purchasing some of these, you can email us at any time.



We’re delighted to be selling Black Angus beef from Clay Hill Farm, our neighbors in North Hartland just across the Ottaquechee River. Their animals are raised on grass/hay year ‘round, with grain added at the end for finishing. This makes for an astonishingly tasty burger or steak. We’ll have several pickups available again in 2017 - probably late June, mid-August, and mid-October. The price is $4.25 per hanging pound. We’ll sell the beef by the quarter (about 4 brown shopping bags worth / 150 lbs / approx. $750) and the eighth (two brown bags / 75 lbs / approx $375.) As in the past, the quantity will work out to roughly half steak and half burger. For those of you who have ventured up to the lookout on the hill above the farm, Clay Hill’s fields are what you’re looking at. We can occasionally hear their animals moo-ing when we’re working out at the far end of our pasture, by the pigs.



Clay Hill Farm also raises pork for us. The price is $5.00 per hanging pound, including having the bacon and hams smoked, and we can sell either whole (roughly $1,350) or half pigs (roughly $675.)


As part of our healthy crop rotation, and to ensure that we can provide our CSA  members with as much variety as possible, we occasionally partner with other local vegetable farms with standards that match our own. We commit to buy a certain amount of product from these farms before the season even begins, so they know exactly what to grow. It's almost like a farmer-to-farmer CSA! Farms we work with are Deep Meadow Farm in Ascutney, Long Bridge Farm in Windsor, and Picadilly Farm in Winchester, NH. 



We’re part of a multi-town agricultural community (including Cedar Mountain Farm in Hartland, Blythedale Farm in Corinth, Strafford Organic Creamery in Strafford, and Norwich Creamery in Norwich) to provide eggs, cheese, frozen yoghurt, ice cream, and milk for sale in our barn on pickup days. We also sell Clay Hill hamburger in individual packages without having to pre-order.