The Benefit of a CSA

Each year, individuals join Sunrise Farm, purchasing in advance a season’s worth of the freshest vegetables money can buy. The farmers, meanwhile, know exactly what to grow and can tailor the harvest to best suit their members’ needs.

Besides bringing people together to celebrate local food and strengthen local agriculture, a CSA farm offers a strong financial incentive to consumer and farmer alike. At Sunrise Farm, we price our farm share so that it represents a 30 percent discount over the equivalent basket of food at the market - a great savings for the consumer. As farmers, meanwhile, we are receiving 70 percent of the food dollar, which is seven times what the typical wholesale farmer receives in the United States these days.

Just as much as it is about fresh food, Sunrise Farm is also about rural life. Shareholders come to the farm each week to gather their vegetables, pick fresh herbs, baah at the sheep, sit on the tractor, or walk the miles of trails that start at the farm.


Sunrise Farm's CSA

Our CSA is market-style, meaning more choice for you (and no packing up boxes for us!) When you walk into the barn for pickup, you'll see that morning's harvest on display as if you were at a farmers' market. We'll let you know how many items to choose, and you get to decide which vegetable to take home. We use organic practices, and our vegetables are all certified-organic  through Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF). 

The 2019 CSA season will run from late April / early May through late October, for 26 weeks. We have two share sizes: a full share consist of 8 to 12 items per week; and a half share is 4 to 6 items. The price for a full share is $660 and a half share is $380. Pickups are Mondays and Thursdays any time between 11:00 AM and 6 PM. You can decide each week which day is most convenient for you.