Community-Supported Agriculture for the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont

Employment Opportunity

October 2015: We are looking for three employees to start in March 2016 and work into November 2016 (or beyond) to be part of everything from boiling maple syrup to birthing lambs to seeding vegetables to slaughtering chickens to cutting firewood to harvesting everything else. The three employees will work side by side with the three Sunrise business partners and have the opportunity to learn from the partners about both the existing farm operation and the start-up on the new site.

Position Description

The majority of time will be spent growing and harvesting vegetables as well as helping to care for the livestock. Our CSA is 100-percent on-farm pickup, so you will have a chance to interact with CSA members whether you’re restocking the kale or selling lamb sausage. The job is 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday, with a 1/6th rotating share of weekend chores.


  • You don’t need to be an experienced farm hand but do need to act like one. We are a production farm and will train as needed.
  • We work in rain, sun, snow, wind, heat, and cold—preparedness and a positive attitude are essential for success. We also shift frequently from one task to another, so an ability to transition efficiently is important.
  • We aim to work hard during work hours and then knock off at a reasonable time. You must be able to put in a solid eight hours of effort every weekday, lift heavy objects, and deal with whatever comes along. You also need to be able to work closely with other people, since most activities require joint effort.
  • We slaughter our own chicken and lamb on farm—you must be a willing and active participant in this.
  • Valid driver’s license


  • This is a paid position, starting at $10/hour, depending on experience.
  • Temporary housing is available in the spring while you search for something to last you through the season. Permanent housing will be available starting in January 2017.
  • The farm is just three miles from White River Junction, the cultural hub of east-central Vermont, and eight miles from Hanover, New Hampshire, home of Dartmouth College. The farm is two hours from Boston, three hours from Montreal, and four hours from New York City. And only a stone’s throw from a lot of other fun farms.

We do require an in-person work interview.

Sunrise is a Vermont hill farm that’s been growing food for more than two centuries. Since 2000, the farm has been run as a CSA. We currently are growing vegetables for 150 shares and also raise sheep, laying hens, broiler chickens, and pigs. We dabble in the sweet stuff with our own honey and maple syrup and also sell a wide variety of foods from neighboring farms, from cheese to beef to ice cream. In 2016, the business is expanding onto a neighboring farmstead, where we plan to start a winter greens business and increase production in all other areas.

2015 Week Twenty Two

We've rubbed green dye on the chest of E.J., our ram (the large white sheep on the left), to keep track of which ewes he has bred. When he mounts a ewe, the green dye marks her backside. The ones with green butts should be the first to give birth next spring. 

The ewes are just about out of grass way down by the end of the pasture and will work their way back towards the barn this coming week. The coyotes have been singing every night out there, and while our electric fence has always protected the girls, I'm starting to lose sleep over it. I'll be happy when they're back closer to civilization.

Hello CSA members:

Sweet potatoes are on the docket this morning, fresh from Picadilly Farm. We met their truck in Walpole on Friday and loaded up on sweeties for this week and next.

If you sample the wares and find them tasty, we still have winter shares and bulk sweeties (and spuds and carrots and beets) available for pickup in November and December. I sent an email with the details last week.

For today choose from among:

Rainbow chard
Peppers, green and colored
Tomatoes, green
Squash: choice of delicata or butternut
Celeriac (the root of the celery plant... ideal in chicken soup and soups/stews of all kinds)
Sweet potatoes
Broccoli raab
Salad turnips

In pick-your-own: fall raspberries are the name of the game, along with flowers and the heartier herbs. In the barn, beef and lamb pickup continue for those of you who pre-ordered. 

See you soon,